Ministry Update

Please Pardon My Emotions

Please Pardon My Emotions Evangelist Dwight Smith   Please Pardon my emotions, at least for a moment.  I try, much of the time, to keep

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There is No Restraint to the Lord to Save by Many or by Few

There is No Restraint to the Lord!   Whether a soldier wins or loses in the midst of battle largely depends upon his focus.  A

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In Due Season…We Shall Reap, If We Faint Not

“In Due Season We Shall Reap, If We Faint Not.” The year was 1950, when a local church pastor, named Daniel Breen, became burdened for

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Tend to Your Own House

This is an historic day to say the least.  Never, in the 239 years of our great country, has the “Holy” See addressed a joint session

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January 26, 2011

Dear Faithful Prayer Warriors, Our God has once again shown us His power and provision over the past several days! Two weeks ago, we had

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