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No One Can Argue With a Changed Life!

For some time, I have been interested in the testimonies of God’s people. While traveling, I have made it a point to ask different believers how they came to know Jesus Christ as their Savior. It is certainly clear in Scripture that our salvation story is a powerful tool in bringing someone to the Lord. In Luke 8:39-40, Jesus told a man of Gadara, out of whom he had cast several demons, “Return to thine own house, and shew how great things God hath done unto thee.” He did, and when Christ came back, “the people gladly received him: for they were all waiting for him.” In John 4, the Samaritan woman brought half of her town to Christ by the telling of her testimony. The Apostle Paul, in Acts 26, gave his testimony to King Agrippa and several other high ranking officials. Even John records, in Revelation 12:11, that the tribulation saints will overcome the Devil “by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony.” Thus, in 2005, when I began to print the testimony of God’s people, I said, “Lord, who’s story should I print first?” He said, “Yours.” I did and God has blessed! We are praying for several different testimonies to be printed and distributed in the next few years. Below you will find a listing of what we have and the pricing. Please pray about buying these tracts for your church or business.

Dwight Smith

Clean House Clean Heart


The Personal Testimony of Dwight Smith

Dwight Smith was four years old when Jesus saved him. He had a good family, went to a Bible-preaching church, and had heard the Gospel again and again. One day, while cleaning the house with his Mom, he began to ask several “little kid” questions about eternity. His mother answered them plainly from the Bible, and on that day, he decided to believe on the Lord Jesus as his Savior. This child-like faith is what is essential for anyone to come to Jesus and be saved.

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Out of the Darkness of Death

The True Life Story of Finley Cutshaw

We had our guns out and were cleaning them at my friend Mark’s house. We were really looking forward to hunting the next day. Everything was fine until Mark started pointing his gun around the room at different objects. Then he pointed it at me. “Whoa, Dude! Turn that gun away,” I said. “That’s dangerous, very dangerous! You’re never supposed to point a gun at anyone!” “It’s no big deal,” Mark replied. “See, it’s not loaded.” Then he pointed the gun right at me and pulled the trigger. “Click.” “See, there is nothing to worry about.” When he pulled the action back on the gun to show there was nothing in it, a loaded bullet fell out! A round was in the gun, but when he pulled the trigger, it did not fire! I was 15 years old and had just come face to face with the reality of death.

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She Received Two Heart Transplants, One Changed Her Forever

The Life Story of Tonya Love

They came by the hundreds to say good-bye to a girl who, in a short time, had made a life changing impact on their lives. “Tonya brings to us a message that everyone wants to hear; a message of enjoying each day to its fullest as a gift,” said one newspaper article. “She was mature beyond her years and yet had not lost the girlish ability to love, trust, and be awed by life’s wonders” was a hospital worker’s comment. “Courage seems an understatement – faith-filled doesn’t cover all that she carried in her spirit. Gracious in giving…, all the adjectives fail in the brilliant light of a young woman whose surname spoke volumes about her,” wrote a Philadelphia television personality. The media was sent to record this event; among them some of Tonya’s new found friends who came to say good-bye to this teenager who had touched their lives. What caused this eighteen year old “preacher’s kid” to make such a profound impact?

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From Bahia to the Bible


The Personal Testimony of Karen Ellis Clarke

Though she had been reared in a Christian home, Karen Clarke had turned her back on God in her teenage years.  While in college, another friend had drawn her into the Bahai Faith.  This cult is a split off of the Muslim religion and is rapidly growing around the world.  Through God’s amazing grace, the loving witness of a former Bahai member, and her own study of God’s Word, Karen placed her faith in the Lord Jesus Christ!

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Inmate 31749


The Story of Kris Casey

For as long as I can remember, I’ve asked questions. Lots of them. I’m sure this frustrated my teachers and others. My mom, however, always took the time to explain each question with as much patience as she could muster, until my boyish-heart was satisfied with the answer. How I wished on this particular night I could go back to that child-like innocence. I was legally an adult now. Gone were the days that mom and dad could fix any problem of mine with a piece of candy and a hug.

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From the Slums to the King’s Palace


The Personal Testimony of Ron Comfort

Ron Comfort was born into a Roman Catholic family.  After experiencing a troubled childhood and a broken home, he began to sing on the stage, radio, and TV.  Though he was a rising star, his life was still empty and unfulfilled.  While attending a city-wide revival meeting in Asheville, NC, he finally accepted God’s gift of eternal life.  Shortly afterward, he was called to preach and has spent five decades declaring this life changing message!

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